The hunger games book series

The hunger games

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Today we are going to be talking to you about the hunger games book series because we think that this is a book series that needs to be covered. This is one of the best series ever written because it has an amazing story line that no other is quite match. This book really likes to dive into fantasy representing a whole new world of how government is run. This series is crazy like  Harry potter with all the magic and stuff like that, it is more realistic but with a very interesting look on how to cite his run. In this book series, there are 13 different districts under one superpower. That means the whole world is run by one person which in modern society has never existed.  It is like having a monarchy, but it is the entire earth. Something like that is very good and bad to have because everybody is under the same  Country but that means there is a much easier time to start a revolution because there are so many people.

here are a few things that make this book series quite amazing.

Storyline-the story in this book is a very diverse and in-depth story line that tells a lot. This is a very complex book series in the fact that there are so many different aspects to it.  There are so many different characters with different roles, it is hard to keep track of everybody and what they’re doing. When reading this book, you will be at the edge of your seat constantly because there are twists and turns in the plotline. We are not going to give away any secrets about the book series so you’ll definitely have to read it to just begin to grasp how amazing the storyline is.

Character development-the character development is something that you see a lot of in the story because you get to witness characters from years prior to who they grow into be through the challenges they face. Some of the characters start out very weak minded, but over the years as war starts to spark and they have been through the hunger games, they begin to harden.  Just the development of Katniss ever dean  is very in-depth. You see her go through many challenges in her life and she completely changed as a person as the story progresses. She turns from a regular person into warrior as she survives to hunger games and  A revolutionary Civil War.

For those two reasons you should definitely pick up this book series because is it is going to keep you entertained for quite some time. After that, recommend this book series to anyone because everybody who reads this will be in a captivated state constantly when reading.

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