Hollywood movies versus books

Books versus movies

Our conversation  today’s going to be about  movies versus actual book series’. Books are something that tell all the detail about his story, while movies might portraye the story in a different light.  That is OK though because sometimes Hollywood does a good job of adding more than the book actually had, and movies create an actual visual for something. What we would recommend that you do is that you read the book and then watch the movie, so that you can compare the two. Sometimes it is nice to read a book series and then watch the movie series afterwards because  you will get to see the story from both lights.

We wanted to talk to you about a few of the things that are different from movies to books. So below we will have that explained in detail.

Visual image versus mental image-books are nice and all because they are full of detail but you will never get the true visual. It is really up to your imagination when it comes to a book and  cool thing about that is that  The mental image is going to be different from person to person.

When you watch a movie, the visual is right in front of your face predecided for you. What’s nice about that is that now there is a true visual essence to the story, but you don’t get to imagine it from your own head. It is something that came from directors idea of what it should look like.  Given that some of the characters have the same visual image as the author gave them on the cover of the book. Other than that, the visual from the movie can sometimes be far different from what the author thought. It is really amazing how they can convert a written story into a motion picture.

Certain details-when you compare a major motion picture to a popular book series, you will notice that there are a lot of differences between the two. The book my stress more on some parts, while the movie stresses on others. Movies tend to move through the story much faster because one book might take you a week to read  while the movie only lasts two hours or so. We have noticed that with the Harry Potter book series for example, there is about 20 hours of movie play out of all the eight movies. And if you read the whole book series, it would take about  A month or two to read the whole thing. What the movie does is it focuses on the highlighted and main points of the story without going super in detail. If the end result of the motion picture went that in-depth, then we just wouldn’t have enough time to watch.  If you want very in-depth minuscule details, then you want to definitely read the book 1st because you were going to get insights on every aspect of everything in the story. The book is where you get the broken down character development and details of every situation that happens  in the story. They actually film tens of hours of movie and different scenes before they syndicate the final product. So it might actually be true that they covered every single detail in the movie that the book had, but  it would take you 40 hours to watch the movie. So they have to edit and take out the best parts to make the picture awesome to see.  The biggest thing that you notice about Hollywood movies is that it will tend to over glamorize certain aspects of a story to make it more fantasy. If you are a person that loves over-the-top things, then the movie is definitely the way to go for you. We would especially recommend just watching the movie of a book if  you are not a person who likes to sit down and actually read.

That is our post about the movie connotation versus the book. So if you could please leave comments and give us feedback, that would be awesome!

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