Bookstores vs audio books

Audio books

Today we are going to be talking to you about bookstores, libraries, and audible and which place is the best place to pick up a book.

Bookstores–  this is perhaps our favorite way to look at books because you can go to visit the location and buy a physical copy of a book that is now yours. If you go to a library  you are only renting the book for a short period of time. Three, but the book is not yours at the end of the day. If you’re not a person who likes to pay money for things, then the library is perfect for you. But what happens when you want to read that book and it is not available because somebody else has checked it out? Or with pine progressing forward and technology becoming the big  being these days, bookstores are slowly going out of style which is something we want to prevent. It is all switching over to electronic now which means we will not be able to get a physical copy of a book. If you lose the password to your audible account or your phone breaks you won’t be able to access that book. If you have  physical and tangible copy of a book and then it will always be at your fingertips. This is good because it’ll keep you actually reading the story yourself. The one thing that audible is taking away from people is that people don’t read books anymore. Of course you are listening to it and you were still getting the same information, but it’s actually been shown that your literacy grows stronger if you read it.  If you are located in the South Carolina area,  our friend over at ( has a Barnes and noble as well:


Audible-this is a great form for reading books even though we don’t exactly agree with listening to them. Listening is a great way as well though because it is much easier to access it you never have  A place to sit down and read.  For example, if you are at the gym or riding in the car and you cannot read a book obviously then you can listen to it. It really makes it accessible for many people to read books now which is better than nothing.  Audible has actually made a big impact that way so now more than five times as many people listen to books now. It still does grow your literacy when you are listening to something and paying attention to it. It would just be nice if we still were able to keep physical copies of books around.  But that is something that is slowly dying because of the fact that we are trying to conserve our resources.

Libraries always been a great  place to pick up your favorite book because it is literally free. Instead of buying a book from the store or an electronic copy on the local library and see if they have a copy for rent. It’s actually not renting, and are we book. Be aware that there is a set time limit on how long you can borrow the book for by the way.  If you go past that set time limit, they are going to start charging you money. So that is one downside of borrowing from the library if you are a very slow reader and do not have as much time. Another downside is that the library  May not always have a copy of the book you were looking for.

Out of all three of these places to get books, the two we would recommend would be bookstores and audible.


Hollywood movies versus books

Books versus movies

Our conversation  today’s going to be about  movies versus actual book series’. Books are something that tell all the detail about his story, while movies might portraye the story in a different light.  That is OK though because sometimes Hollywood does a good job of adding more than the book actually had, and movies create an actual visual for something. What we would recommend that you do is that you read the book and then watch the movie, so that you can compare the two. Sometimes it is nice to read a book series and then watch the movie series afterwards because  you will get to see the story from both lights.

We wanted to talk to you about a few of the things that are different from movies to books. So below we will have that explained in detail.

Visual image versus mental image-books are nice and all because they are full of detail but you will never get the true visual. It is really up to your imagination when it comes to a book and  cool thing about that is that  The mental image is going to be different from person to person.

When you watch a movie, the visual is right in front of your face predecided for you. What’s nice about that is that now there is a true visual essence to the story, but you don’t get to imagine it from your own head. It is something that came from directors idea of what it should look like.  Given that some of the characters have the same visual image as the author gave them on the cover of the book. Other than that, the visual from the movie can sometimes be far different from what the author thought. It is really amazing how they can convert a written story into a motion picture.

Certain details-when you compare a major motion picture to a popular book series, you will notice that there are a lot of differences between the two. The book my stress more on some parts, while the movie stresses on others. Movies tend to move through the story much faster because one book might take you a week to read  while the movie only lasts two hours or so. We have noticed that with the Harry Potter book series for example, there is about 20 hours of movie play out of all the eight movies. And if you read the whole book series, it would take about  A month or two to read the whole thing. What the movie does is it focuses on the highlighted and main points of the story without going super in detail. If the end result of the motion picture went that in-depth, then we just wouldn’t have enough time to watch.  If you want very in-depth minuscule details, then you want to definitely read the book 1st because you were going to get insights on every aspect of everything in the story. The book is where you get the broken down character development and details of every situation that happens  in the story. They actually film tens of hours of movie and different scenes before they syndicate the final product. So it might actually be true that they covered every single detail in the movie that the book had, but  it would take you 40 hours to watch the movie. So they have to edit and take out the best parts to make the picture awesome to see.  The biggest thing that you notice about Hollywood movies is that it will tend to over glamorize certain aspects of a story to make it more fantasy. If you are a person that loves over-the-top things, then the movie is definitely the way to go for you. We would especially recommend just watching the movie of a book if  you are not a person who likes to sit down and actually read.

That is our post about the movie connotation versus the book. So if you could please leave comments and give us feedback, that would be awesome!

If you want to see some further detail about books versus movies, then we definitely recommend that you check out this video comparing the harry potter books to the movies. And go to this website as well.

The hunger games book series

The hunger games

Click here if you were not able to see our Harry Potter book series post.

Today we are going to be talking to you about the hunger games book series because we think that this is a book series that needs to be covered. This is one of the best series ever written because it has an amazing story line that no other is quite match. This book really likes to dive into fantasy representing a whole new world of how government is run. This series is crazy like  Harry potter with all the magic and stuff like that, it is more realistic but with a very interesting look on how to cite his run. In this book series, there are 13 different districts under one superpower. That means the whole world is run by one person which in modern society has never existed.  It is like having a monarchy, but it is the entire earth. Something like that is very good and bad to have because everybody is under the same  Country but that means there is a much easier time to start a revolution because there are so many people.

here are a few things that make this book series quite amazing.

Storyline-the story in this book is a very diverse and in-depth story line that tells a lot. This is a very complex book series in the fact that there are so many different aspects to it.  There are so many different characters with different roles, it is hard to keep track of everybody and what they’re doing. When reading this book, you will be at the edge of your seat constantly because there are twists and turns in the plotline. We are not going to give away any secrets about the book series so you’ll definitely have to read it to just begin to grasp how amazing the storyline is.

Character development-the character development is something that you see a lot of in the story because you get to witness characters from years prior to who they grow into be through the challenges they face. Some of the characters start out very weak minded, but over the years as war starts to spark and they have been through the hunger games, they begin to harden.  Just the development of Katniss ever dean  is very in-depth. You see her go through many challenges in her life and she completely changed as a person as the story progresses. She turns from a regular person into warrior as she survives to hunger games and  A revolutionary Civil War.

For those two reasons you should definitely pick up this book series because is it is going to keep you entertained for quite some time. After that, recommend this book series to anyone because everybody who reads this will be in a captivated state constantly when reading.

We recommend that you check out to get more info on things like the cast, and whatnot.

The Harry Potter book series

Harry Potter book series

Today is our second post and we would like to share with you our review of the Harry Potter book series. The Harry Potter books are some amazing books to read considering that they are some of the most popular in the whole entire world. There have been seven movies made out of all of these books and  both multibillion-dollar franchises. That is not a number to Scott that because that just shows how wildly successful it was. Although the movies are very popular though a lot of people actually haven’t read the book series. We think that the books are way better than the movies because you get so many more details.  You’re almost sure that the only reason that nobody has read the book series is because the books are so darn long and there are so many of them. Why take three months to read the entire series when you can watch the movies with in one day? We think that you should take the long journey to read the books instead because you’re going to get such a better experience.

reasons why the Harry Potter books are so good

  •  The plot line/story-the story of this series is absolutely amazing. There are so many different twists and turns as well as so much dialogue that is in it. It is filled with details and no other book series that has ever been created fills in just as much is Harry Potter does.  The storyline is also extremely suspenseful and keeps you on your edge of your seat the whole entire time you’re reading. No other book series seems to do it as well as this one.  You will be reading wondering what it’s going to happen next. Even if you’ve watch the movies and you think you know everything there is to know about Harry Potter, you will actually come to believe that there is a lot you do not know.
  •  There are so many books-we love the fact that there are seven different books because that means that the series goes on for a long time so there is a lot of material to read. With most books you might only get one or two in a series so there is not that much entertainment. The Harry Potter series will keep you entertained for longer because there is just so much rich material. Not only are there seven different books,  each book is around 1000 pages. That is about 7000 pages of content for you to read. It should take any average reader a few months to get through the whole series which will keep you entertained an occupied for quite some time.
  •  Character development-the last point we have to hit on for the harry potter book series is the development of the characters. This is really something that is very good in this book series because you get to see each character develop from the beginning to the end. You see all these kids growing up from they were little all the way to almost adults. And in the end of the series you see them as adults with kids.  This storyline does a good job of showing everything that happened in everyone’s life to lead up to the events in the climax of the story. Literally every detail about every character has to tie in with the plot of the story in someway or another. We are just impressed by how much detail JK Rowling is able to put into the characters.  With many other books, you often times end up with more questions than can be answered when you’re done reading the book. This is because not enough he said about the characters so it leaves you wondering about them. Check out

We sincerely think that Harry Potter is one of the best book series ever created and that is why we definitely recommend that you go ahead and give it a try. If you would like a more in-depth review about Harry Potter, then you should definitely look at this video we have to share as well. In this video it will go through each book and explain the pros and cons as well as some of the details without giving too much information away.

First post of the new book blog

Hello people and welcome to the new blog is all about books. We would like to be an information source to share with you all of the latest and hottest book titles that are out. We are a group of people that read avidly and it is one of our passions. We are going to be giving review posts on some of the best titles that are coming out as well as all the titles that you might not have read yet. We will cover  some of the major book series as well as some very good undone books as well. We always like to take submissions from our fans as well so that we can review books that you have not read yet. If you ever have one that you would like us to read and review before you take a shot, then all you have to do is reach out to us by going to our  contact book readers page. If you would like to know more about us as well, then  go to our about book readers page.