Bookstores vs audio books

Audio books

Today we are going to be talking to you about bookstores, libraries, and audible and which place is the best place to pick up a book.

Bookstores–  this is perhaps our favorite way to look at books because you can go to visit the location and buy a physical copy of a book that is now yours. If you go to a library  you are only renting the book for a short period of time. Three, but the book is not yours at the end of the day. If you’re not a person who likes to pay money for things, then the library is perfect for you. But what happens when you want to read that book and it is not available because somebody else has checked it out? Or with pine progressing forward and technology becoming the big  being these days, bookstores are slowly going out of style which is something we want to prevent. It is all switching over to electronic now which means we will not be able to get a physical copy of a book. If you lose the password to your audible account or your phone breaks you won’t be able to access that book. If you have  physical and tangible copy of a book and then it will always be at your fingertips. This is good because it’ll keep you actually reading the story yourself. The one thing that audible is taking away from people is that people don’t read books anymore. Of course you are listening to it and you were still getting the same information, but it’s actually been shown that your literacy grows stronger if you read it.  If you are located in the South Carolina area,  our friend over at ( has a Barnes and noble as well:


Audible-this is a great form for reading books even though we don’t exactly agree with listening to them. Listening is a great way as well though because it is much easier to access it you never have  A place to sit down and read.  For example, if you are at the gym or riding in the car and you cannot read a book obviously then you can listen to it. It really makes it accessible for many people to read books now which is better than nothing.  Audible has actually made a big impact that way so now more than five times as many people listen to books now. It still does grow your literacy when you are listening to something and paying attention to it. It would just be nice if we still were able to keep physical copies of books around.  But that is something that is slowly dying because of the fact that we are trying to conserve our resources.

Libraries always been a great  place to pick up your favorite book because it is literally free. Instead of buying a book from the store or an electronic copy on the local library and see if they have a copy for rent. It’s actually not renting, and are we book. Be aware that there is a set time limit on how long you can borrow the book for by the way.  If you go past that set time limit, they are going to start charging you money. So that is one downside of borrowing from the library if you are a very slow reader and do not have as much time. Another downside is that the library  May not always have a copy of the book you were looking for.

Out of all three of these places to get books, the two we would recommend would be bookstores and audible.